Approved Installer Database

Selecta have a comprehensive customer base covering the whole of the UK. Our approved installer customer database will identify the nearest three installers within your area for the Ready-2-Fit Range of Composite, Bi-fold or Patio Doors, thus giving complete peace of mind that a qualified and competent installer will be selected for your installation.

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The Comprehensive Ready-2-Fit Range

Ready-2-Fit Composite Doors

The entrance to your home serves two main purposes; to act as a welcome to you, your family and friends and to keep unwanted visitors and the elements out.

Whether you require an inward or outward opening door, left or right hung preference or the choice of a low threshold easy access option for wheelchairs and pushchairs, you can rest assured that your Ready-2-Fit Composite Door will look elegant whilst offering outstanding performance and security.

Ready-2-Fit Patio Doors

Patio door systems provide a stylish, practical and convenient link to the outdoors or to your conservatory offering uninterrupted views in to the garden. Patio doors provide a glamorous, energy efficient solution to allow more light in to your home. In addition they offer practical, convenient and easy access to other areas of your property.

The Ready-2-Fit Patio Doors offer a modern operating system which offers easy, graceful and smooth flowing operation that gives security and strength when closed.

Ready-2-Fit Bi Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors are a contemporary way to transform your home or commercial premises and create stunning, light-filled areas maximising the area of glass and the amount of natural light it offers.

These elegant, concertina doors add a real “wow” factor to any home or premises, and seamlessly connect your outdoor and indoor spaces. Once folded back, they create a large opening for easy access. Particularly suited for new-build projects, these designer folding doors are increasingly popular as property developers seek to differentiate their homes.