Selecta Systems Statement – The Ready-2-Fit Range of Composite Doors

Following a Sales and Customer Review Meeting, Selecta Systems Ltd have taken the decision to only supply our Ready-2-Fit Range of Composite Doors to customers whom fabricate windows and doors from our range of profiles. Therefore, this now means that Selecta Systems will only supply the complete Ready-2-Fit Range of Composite, EASi-FOLD, Bi-fold and Patio Doors to our Advance 70 fabricators.AndyFeb2017v2Web

The Ready-2-Fit Range was originally set-up to support our existing customer base where customers may have not had the time, space and resources to fabricate specialist doors. This range of doors has also allowed some of our fabricators to diversify and explore markets without the requirement of fabricating.

Moving forward we will be launching a Selecta Approved Supplier Network to create and divert any home and trade leads to our fabricator customers. We’ll be contacting our fabricator customers on how they can be part of this excellent opportunity which was originally trialled last year and we are looking forward to launching in the very near future.

The decision to only supply The Ready-2-Fit Range of Composite Doors as well as EASi-FOLD, Bi-fold and Patio Doors to our fabricators was born out of loyalty and support to our key customer base. Our long-term aim is to further support our fabricators, not compete, and so we are delighted to announce this advancement in our customer support programme and look forward to continuing to build on our customer relationships further.

We are building on our #bepartofthefamily and Selecta Systems ethos and look forward to helping our fabricators businesses grow and prosper as we enter an exciting time at Selecta Systems.

Andy Green

Sales Director

Selecta Systems Ltd